SureWare Travel Hub™ is in use by some of the world’s largest global organizations in the retail, financial, healthcare, technology, consulting services, and travel management sectors. Over 4,000 customers rely on SureWare to empower their corporate travel programs including global travel management agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.

Travel Hub™ provides corporations and travel agencies with centralized management of all employee travel information including profiles with company hierarchy, travel preferences, memberships, booking, and credit card information. Travel Hub guarantees accurate data – because it integrates directly with standard HR systems, and dynamically synchronizes profiles and consolidates booking and card data across multiple preferred travel agencies, GDS’s, online booking tools, and credit card providers. Key capabilities include:

  • A centralized “Hub” for maintaining and synchronizing accurate travel profile, policy & payment information across the travel supply chain
  • 100% compatibility with the latest GDS desktop tools including Amadeus One Desktop suite, Travelport Universal Desktop™, and Sabre© Red™ total travel solution
  • Out-of-the-box service for integration with any HR system
  • Dynamic profile synchronization and travel data consolidation with multiple agencies, GDS’s, and booking tools such as Concur, e-Travel and GetThere
  • Comprehensive consolidation of credit card master files, transactions and aging’s
  • Closed-loop hierarchical reporting combining booking, card and expense data